32 Things Everyone On Slimming World Has Secretly Done

1. You’ve spent so long photographing and hashtagging your food that it’s cold by the time you’re finally ready eat it.

2. You’ve become fluent in a whole new language consisting of “syns”, “hex A”, “hex B” etc.

3. You’ve cleared a shelf in your cupboard purely for your Slimming World essentials: herbs, low calorie cooking spray etc.

4. You’ve also created a wall in your house exclusively dedicated to Slimming World certificates.

5. And you’ve definitely thrown a wobbler if your leader forgot to give you your certificate.

6. Even if maths was never your strong point, you’ve become a numbers whizz from calculating all your syns.

7. You’ve spent twice as long food shopping because you’ve spent ages checking everything on the app to find out the syns.

15. You’ve been so annoyed about never winning Slimmer Of The Week that you’ve thought about quitting the group meetings and just signing up online instead.

16. And you’ve sat seething when that one person in your group who always claims they had three takeaways wins Slimmer Of The Week.

17. Because even if you haven’t been 100% on plan yourself, you secretly hate anyone doing better than you.

18. You’ve Google so many recipes that your internet history is just a long list of searches for low-syn versions of your favourite treats.

19. You’ve eaten vegetables with some unique combinations just to meet the “third of your plate should be speed food” rule.

20. You’ve developed a new hidden talent for hiding vegetables in the food of reluctant family members.

21. You’ve become fanatical about quark and use it in everything now, even though before Slimming World you thought it was a mythical creature.

22. Occasionally you’ve lied about what you’ve eaten to your loved ones or your group leader, because sometimes you just need a cake.

23. And you’ve definitely lied about how much Body Magic you’ve done.

24. You’ve wasted entire evenings going through “before and after” photos on Instagram and leaving encouraging comments for strangers.

25. You’ve happily lived off of syn-free chicken and vegetables all week so you could have several bottles of wine at the weekend.

26. You’ve decided that syns you’ve eaten while hungover don’t count, nor does the wine that causes the hangover.

27. You’ve experienced a very real panic when someone claims something is far higher in syns than you originally thought it was, and you can’t relax until you’ve checked the book.

28. You’ve stacked up your trolly full of a new Slimming World friendly product that was released.

28. You’ve stacked up your trolly full of a new Slimming World friendly product that was released.

29. You’ve bought a new Slimming World recipe book that got released, even though some of your current ones are unused and gathering dust.

30. You’ve cried when a recipe didn’t turn out the way it looks in the official magazine.

31. You’ve automatically reached for your old size when clothes shopping, even though you know you’ve lost weight and have gone down a few sizes.

32. And you’ve stuffed your face after a good weigh-in because you’ve earned it.

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